Yu Die (雨蜨 Yǔ Dié)

Princess of Shu Kingdom (蜀国公主 Shǔ Guó Gōng Zhǔ)

Gender Female
Race Human
Age 19 (Deceased)
Relationships King of Shu Kingdom (Father)

Mu Lian (Sworn sister)

Love interest(s) Wu Dao
Actor/Actress 李倩/Li Qian

Yu Die was a minor character of The Holy Pearl series.



Yu Die was the lone princess of the Shu Kingdom among her many male siblings. Her mother died young, and her father didn't care for her much. She often felt that kind of life did not suit her, and ended up running away from home and from an arranged marriage (which was later revealed to be one with Wei Liao).

Meeting Mu LianEdit

Meeting Wu DaoEdit

Death and AftermathEdit


Personality Edit

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Yu Die was an ordinary human with no supernatural powers. She, however, was good at making music out of thin leaf (leaf-blowing). It might or might not be able to interfere with Ding Yao's magical sound attack.


Mu LianEdit

She had meet Mu Lian when she was dressed as a male.

Wu DaoEdit


Yu Die was based on Rin, a character from Rumiko Takahashi's Inuyasha.




Her name, Yu Die, means "rain butterfly" or "rain and butterfly", which hinted at her transformation into a butterfly after her death.